Evaglide Mains Heavy Duty Mains Motor


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The Evaglide heavy duty motor is our new mains powered motor, offering double the weight capacity of our standard mains motor. With speeds of 20cm/s and a huge 100kg weight limit, there isn’t much this motor can’t handle. It has a built in receiver allowing operation via the Evaglide range of remote, wall switches and Hubs. It also has an RJ10 port for connecting to home automation.




• Silent mains powered motor
• Built in receiver for use with Evaglide remotes, wall switches and Evaglide Hubs
• RJ10 port for operation via home automation
• Up to 100kg weight limit
• Touch impulse technology allows the curtain to be gently pulled to activate movement
• Integrated emergency control ensures manual operation should power failure occur
• Fully automatic setting of limits
• Seamlessly integrates with the Evaglide motorised signal booster
• Compatible with smart home technology via the Evaglide Hubs
• Favoured position can be programmed through the remote or app