Evaglide 25mm Mains Roller Motor


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The 25mm mains motor is a versatile motor that will work with the 40mm tube as standard but can fit other tube sizes using the correct crown and adapter. It runs on mains power, eliminating the need for charging and resulting in a slightly more powerful motor than its battery equivalent. The motor comes with built-in limit settings allowing for easy installation and set-up. As with all the Evaglide motorised products, it is fully compatible with the Evaglide remotes, wall switches and Evaglide Hubs, as well as the new range extender.




  • Mains powered motor
  • 32rpm turn speed
  • Silent motor
  • Torque: 1.5Nm
  • Up to 6 minutes run time
  • Smooth operation as standard
  • Easy installation with built-in receiver for easy setup
  • Compatible with the full range of Evaglide motorised products
  • 433MHz receiver for use with Evaglide remotes, wall switches and hubs
  • Available for use with 40mm tubes as standard