In continuation of Child Safety Week, today we will be discussing how the Rear Cord Breakaways and Levelling Toggle works on our Roman blinds. Both safety devices work harmoniously to protect child safety and the condition of our products. The Rear Cord Breakaway Device (76444, and 76666) is a two-part safety feature. One is attached via an eyelet or rod pocket, and the other is applied using roman blind tape. These can be found at the penultimate and bottom pockets of the blind. In the occurrence of an accident, the Rear Cord device can easily detach from the blind. The Rear Cord releases itself when 6kg or more is applied, therefore removing the hazardous loop on the blind. This simple action can save a life, whilst keeping the essence of the product intact. Both breakaway devices can be clipped back together.  

The Levelling Cord Toggle (76334, or 763341) works well with the Rear Cord Breakaway Device. Available with a cable tie or a cord tie, this toggle is used as an old-fashioned levelling device. The Levelling Cord Toggle is unattached to the blind, beneficial to remove the breakaway cord freely and safely. To achieve this, the toggle must be secured onto the cable/cord with tie knot. Not only does this safety device help prevent children getting caught in the cord, but it also averts the device being a choking hazard, acting as a cord stopper.

Both the Rear Cord Breakaways and Levelling Cord Toggle are demonstrated in tutorials that can be found on our YouTube Channel. We are proud to manufacture and distribute a range of child safety solutions to give you the right products to create a fully compliant blind system. To give you total peace of mind all child safety products are tested by Evans Textiles and externally approved by Bureau Veritas.