Evaglide Battery Curtain Motor


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The Evaglide battery powered motor offers a sleek and stylish motor that is perfect for retrofitting into spaces where power hasn’t been considered. The motor has speeds of up to 20cm/s and a weight capacity of up to 50kg. The battery motor will seamlessly integrate with all Evaglide remotes, wall switches and Hubs, meaning operation via smart home technology is easily achieved. If you’re looking to operate the motor through a more traditional home automation system, this can achieved using the RJ10 port on the motor.




• Silent lithium battery powered motor
• Built in receiver for use with Evaglide remotes, wall switches and Hubs
• RJ10 port for operation via home automation
• Up to 50kg weight limit
• Perfect to retro-fit areas without power
• Touch impulse technology allows the curtain to be gently pulled to activate movement
• Integrated emergency control ensures manual operation should power failure occur
• Fully automatic setting of limits
• Seamlessly integrates with the Evaglide motorised signal booster
• Compatible with smart home techology through the Evaglide Hubs
• Favoured position can be programmed through the remote or Evaglide Hubs