Evaglide Mains Heavy Duty 4-Core Mains Motor


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With a growing demand for high end automation, the Heavy Duty 4-core mains curtain motor is supplied without a receiver to allow for easy installation. The motor features the same 100kg weight limit that our other Heavy Duty motor offers, but is ideally suited to customers looking for automation in either the contract market or modern homes.




• Silent mains powered motor
• 4-core power cables for connection to home automation
• RJ10 port for operation via home automation
• Heavy duty coupled with reliability for heavy weight drapery
• Up to 100kg weight limit
• Touch impulse technology allows the curtain to be gently pulled to activate movement
• Integrated emergency control ensures manual operation should power failure occur
• FR multi-receiver is integrated within the motor itself, allowing a clean look & optimal performance
• Fully automatic setting of limits