Evaglide Curtain Tracks For Bay, L Shaped, Bows, Circles Or Arched Windows

Evaglide Curtain Tracks boast superior bendability compared to other systems with a bend radius of up to 10cm and the ability for continuous curving– allowing Evaglide curtain tracks to fit the tightest corners and most awkward window models. All of the Evaglide curtain tracks can be bent for bay, L shaped or arched windows. Our expert UK track engineers and production teams ensure that we bend to accurate degrees using our specialist bending equipment. Our internal or external bending and curving is done to ensure our Evaglide carriers can effortlessly glide around corners providing maximum performance and smooth motion for your customers.

You can download a M2M being and curving order form here

Why Choose Evaglide Curtain Tracks?

  • A fraction of the price compared to other track suppliers
  • Wide range of tracks assembly proudly made in the UK
  • Superior bendability of up to 10cm
  • Quality without compromise
  • Marketing leading 10-year warranty