EasiFlex, EasiFold & Easi Wave Curtain Tracks

Transform your customers curtains with our simple Easi Curtain Heading Systems. Our impressive system combines the smooth operation and efficiency you’d expect from Evaglide curtain tracks with attractive and contemporary flowing curtain design feature.

The Easi Curtain Heading Systems offers a modern look allowing a ripple-like wave effect on your Evaglide curtain track which creates uniformity. When the curtain is drawn back, the Easi Heading Systems will create a neat and sleek stack rather than have curtains left bunched together.

The minimalist effect achieved by this curtain heading makes them perfect for contemporary interiors but they also look great in more traditional, sophisticated rooms. Every curtain track within the Evaglide range has the ability and functionality to work with an Easi Curtain Heading System whether EasiFlex, EasiFold or EasiWave. It’s perfect for your Evaglide hand drawn, corded and motorised curtain track systems and can also be used on our popular Evaglide Pole systems.

Within each Easi Curtain Heading system there is a specialist carrier or fabric component which creates this continuous curtain track wave/ripple feature whether the curtains are drawn open or closed. In short, the heading system gathers the fabric in folds so when open, the Easi Curtain Heading Systems will allow for optimum light entering a room ensuring both daylight and your clients curtains never looked so good. Due to the uniformity that the Easi Curtain Heading Systems create and the way your curtains will fall, the heading is a perfect companion to our range of Evaglide Curtain Tracks and will showcase your curtains design, patterns and fabrics beautifully.

If you’re interested in utilising of Easi Heading Systems then simply get in touch and request more information and your FREE Easi Curtain Heading Calculator