Luxury Blackout & Thermal Linings

As a leading supplier of Blackout and Thermal Linings, we’re expertly positioned to help your business and customers with the perfect curtains. As the clocks have rolled backwards an hour and we find ourselves entering the colder and darker winter months which is perfect for these curtain fabrics.

Create a sense of cosiness and warmth within the home and offer your clients our excellent range of Blackout and Thermal linings. Our range of blackout linings are specifically designed to provide total darkness, provide sound insulation, save energy, money and have thermal properties to keep the warmth in.

Blackout linings create the feel of night irrespective of the time of day and block out sunlight from entering a room. It’s perfect for children who are light sleepers and is also very practical in the summer months when the days are longer and the nights are shorter. Evans’ super-soft blackout lining also offers additional benefits such as sound insulation enabling tranquillity within the bedroom and saves energy due to it’s thermal insultation properties.

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