Woodglide Curtain Pole

Our new offering of the Woodglide curtain pole is available with the option of having the pole as reeded or smooth on the same pole and with a KS metal curtain track inserted into the wooden pole. choice of colours in pole as well as a choice of colours of track and carriers for the track.

You also have the option of taking this pole with our Easyflex system allowing you to have perfectly formed pleats with our adjustable tape system.

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Woodglide Curtain Pole

Place your order online or with our staff for our easy to use and beautiful Woodglide curtain pole with a high quality metal track inserted.

Download the brochure section here.

Evans are proud to offer the Woodglide curtain pole.  A high quality wooden curtain pole from our Roma range with a reliable and familiar KS curtain track inserted inside the pole.

Due to the inserted curtain track we are able to provide this pole with our Easyflex system allowing a professional and perfectly formed pleat to your curtains, the pole also has the option of reeded or smooth finish in the same pole.

As well as being able to provide the track in a single piece inside of the 2 piece pole allowing for a smoother running.