Multiple videos covering a wide range of subjects including the construction of our successful Premier Roman Blind and how to prevent call backs to customers to customers with the correct setup and operation of our blinds.

Child Safe Blinds

  • 76666 - How To Prevent Roman Cords Being Wound Into The Headrails and Releasing Through The Safety Toggles. BS Premier & BSXL 1:4 Options By adding two extra 76444 breakaways to the bottom two rod pockets, the safety toggle 76334-2mm can be used with a knot tied underneath. If the end users over wind the blind, the […]

  • 910080 BS Premier 1:4 Control Unit Instructions - Internal Breakaway Mechanism, 1:4 Control Unit, 7.5kg Lift No Breakaway Devices on the Chain or Drilled Safety Box Needed Chains can be 60cms from the floor Patent Approved – Exclusive to Evans in the UK

Curtain Tracks & Remotes

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