How To Prevent Roman Cords Being Wound Into The Headrails and Releasing Through The Safety Toggles.

BS Premier & BSXL 1:4 Options

  • By adding two extra 76444 breakaways to the bottom two rod pockets, the safety toggle 76334-2mm can be used with a knot tied underneath.
  • If the end users over wind the blind, the cord cannot pop out of the toggle and go into the headrail, it also prevents toggles slipping from cords
  • The knot below the safety toggle prevents any of the breakaway devices failing to the floor and creating a choking hazard
  • For blinds made using pocket tape we now have the 76666 (shown to the left) which clips into the tape pockets and works as per 76444
  • Bureau Veritas certified here
  • This solution works for all Evans continuous chain options

To See The Making and Instruction Video Click here