Evaglide LED Track System


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Our NEW LED track system offers an aesthetically pleasing visual illumination to create a stunning finish to any window display. The Evaglide LED is compatible with a wide array of curtain track systems including the Evaglide Hand Drawn, Curve, Contract and Woodglide. You can add the LED light as part of a M2M track or buy it separately as a component.



• An additional feature to our Evaglide Hand Drawn, Curve, Contract and Woodglide Tracks
• Available on tracks up to 5m (over 3m uses an additional transformer)
• Available on M2M tracks or as a component
• Easy installation with no programming required – remote already paired
• 5m power cable length
• Remote will allow the LED’s to be dimmed and brightened as required
• 4000k resulting a neutral white colour
• RA90 resulting in a high quality light


For those who take our tracks in component form, why not add in the options for an LED strip? By purchasing the LED kit, you can add up to 5m of LED lights into our Hand Drawn, Curve, Contract & Woodglide tracks. Our NEW Evaglide 3m or 5m LED Kit comes with the cob strip, remote,
receiver, and plug with built in transformer & 5 metre power cable.