Evaglide Heavy Duty Motorised Curtain Track


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The system is powered via mains and is ideal for heavier weighted curtains, large high windows and large bay windows or hard to reach curtains that require more efficient technology to assist. The new high performing motor is an essential for clients looking for the latest silent, smooth operating technology. The system is perfect for both domestic and contract interiors and fully compatible with other Evaglide Tracks and Blinds. The system adds luxury with remote, wall switch and even smart home technology via the Evaglide Hub.


What does the track include?

  • Mains operated
  • The same 20mm profile Evaglide track is used
  • The motor has a weight load capacity of up to 100kgs
  • The RF multi receiver is integrated within the motor itself allowing for a clean look and seamlessly work with our existing Evaglide track remotes, switches and hub for optimum performance.
  • The heavy duty operation offers high performance of up to 20cms per second
  • Touch impulse technology allows the curtain to be gently pulled to activate movement.
  • Integrated emergency control ensures manual operation should power failure occur
  • Different module modes can be attached for various options – radio frequency, switch, domotics, building automation, serial communication
  • Integration with the Evaglide Hub to work alongside other Evaglide motorised products
  • Silent motor
  • Full automatic setting of limits
  • 220volt 60Hz mains powered version
  • Motor pulley connects motor and Evaglide curtain track
  • Wide range of brackets available
  • Torque 1.2n

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Evaglide Heavy Duty Motorised Curtain Track