Evaglide BSXL Motorised Roman – Battery Operated


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At Evans, we have seen the increasing demand for high end motorised window treatments. This demand is usually an afterthought and as such, the demand for battery operated products is at a record high. We at Evans are proud to offer our increasingly popular BSXL battery Roman. For use in areas without power we offer a battery motor that is supplied with our market leading 10 year warranty, offering peace of mind and reliability. This is all available on our standard profile, compatible with the full range of Evaglide remotes, wall switches and Hubs.



  • Made to measure bespoke to your clients’ needs
  • 10 year warranty (under the correct operating conditions)
  • Regular shaped aluminium profile with hook and close tape
  • Child safe by design
  • Straightforward and easy installation using universal brackets
  • Can be controlled via wall switch, remote control or Evaglide Hub
  • Smart home integrated with the Evaglide Hub
  • Profile: aluminium, powder coated (31.8 x 36.7mm)
  • Minimum width of 50cms
  • Easy assembly and smooth operation as standard
  • Bi-directional motor as standard
  • Prompt turnaround and fast delivery
  • Maximum load weight of 6kg