Over 300 years of history and expertise goes into every piece of this luxury Irish linen. 

Earthed’s award-winning designs draw inspiration from the wonder of nature to create a contemporary twist on what is a traditionally produced fabric.

Exclusively sold in UK by Evans.

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The upperlands

The highly popular debut collection is inspired by water and how instrumental it has been in the past to produce Irish linen.

sub surface

For thousands of year, mankind has been fascinated by what can be found beneath the surface. This collection explores the colours, opacity, patterns, shapes and textures.


From cyclones to pine cones, natural inspiration is every within this collection. A mixture of fine drawn lines, painted mark making and textural weaves makes this collection truly stunning.


Pilgrimage has evolved from a precious artefact; a Victorian handmade book of pressed flowers. 

Award winning designs

BDNY Fabric of the year 2017

Morpholio product of the year 2017

Nominated for Irish Made Award by Irish Country Magazine