At the Evans Group of companies, we recognise the importance of championing a better way of doing business and doing the right thing by people and our planet. That’s why we’re continually developing our sustainable initiative to help reduce our carbon footprint by offering an eco-friendly alternative and presenting a fairer way of operating.


Within our wide range we have products that have been responsibly sourced, whereby they have accreditation and proven legitimacy ensuring our ethical standards are met. Within our range we’re working towards protecting the environment, ensuring animal welfare, conservation, human rights and renewable resourcing, lowering carbon emissions, sustainable farming methods and the reduction of harmful chemicals which greatly reduces risk to the environment.


We work only closely with our global network of trusted suppliers with the aim that the materials used in our products are socially and ethically sourced. We regularly review our suppliers’ policies and practices and expect them to adhere to our high standards. We endeavor to ensure our products are fairly made with a priority on fair and ethical working practices. We actively review our supply chains and have a zero-tolerance policy on child labour, modern slavery or animal testing.


The business recognises its responsibility to ensure that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in its company or its supply chain. We have put procedures in place to ensure maximum protection against hidden labour exploitation of workers or applicants by third-party/rouge individuals.

All employment of staff at Evans Textiles (Sales) Ltd is conducted in line with UK law in regard to employment and health & safety. We proudly invest in our staff and we believe in improving people’s lives.