Child Safety Guidance From Evans Textiles

At Evans, it is our duty to supply you with outstanding safety regulated blind systems, developed with Child Safety in mind. As a manufacturer, we have a responsibility to be trustworthy to our customers. We take considerable pride in ensuring all our blind systems are Child Safe; from sharing accessible guides on our website and social media, to including safety labels, devices and instructions with every product. It is important to us that we share our valuable advice on how to make your home Child Safe.

Conducting checks on your blinds is extremely important, especially if they are placed in an environment where children are present. Be careful what style blind you use in certain rooms, especially a child’s bedroom. Following the Government’s requirements on blind safety, old blinds and blinds with long looped cords can pose as a risk to child safety.

We suggest that upon buying your new blinds, check if they include child safety features. Our Roman Blinds are our bestselling design, with unique breakaway technology tailored for Child Safety. By law, our blind systems include all Child Safety features. So, if your current blinds do not meet Government requirements, we sell individual components as well as our recommended, safest quality Roman Blinds.

Our child safety blinds are installed out of reach from children, away from the risk of young children getting caught in the cord. For extra security, arrange your furniture away from blind cords and away from areas where your child could climb to reach the blind.

Despite the precautional measures and features we include blind chain and cords still present a higher risk to Child Safety. We suggest updating your blinds to Motorised Operated systems. One of the main benefits of opting for motorised blinds are the fact they are chainless! Blinds without cords eliminate the risk of cord strangulation. Instead, the technology can be voice activated, or controlled by a remote or digital app. This contemporary blind is timer sensitive, meaning there will be lower chances of a accident accruing.

With our selection of Child Safe blinds, we hope that our advice can prevent the deaths of young children from cord strangulation. All Evans Textiles safety products have undergone independent tests in accordance with the requirements of EN 16434.