Evaglide Curtain Tracks – EasiWave, EasiFlex and EasiFold

Our Easi Curtain heading system is in a word – brilliant! It provides a decorative wave/ripple effect to any curtain display to enhance the look and feel of your curtains or voiles. Unlike other suppliers, our heading system can be installed as an additional feature on all of our Evaglide curtain track systems including hand drawn, corded and electric curtain tracks – removing limitations that other curtain track systems have.

When stacked, the different heading systems offer various densities of folding.

EasiFold – is a two part system that works with a 2cm wide rape containing metal press studs at set intervals within its length which create a set pleat depth of 10.75cm or 1575cm (4” or 6”)

EasiWave – is our most versatile version of this heading system which uses 77mm deep muilti pocketed take and comes as a one part system.

EasiFlex – this flexible heading system creates the same look as our EasiFold/Wave system but comes as a two-part system comprising of a square base carrier and separate two pronged hook.

Our decorative wave effect heading systems that transform curtain window displays and enhances the look of any curtain or voile. The Easiwave and Easiflex available on all systems.

Click here to watch our EasiFold, EasiWave and EasiFlex videos and learn more about our range and how you could benefit.