REVEALED: The hidden of Evaglide Pleated Cellular Blinds

Over the years, our range of Evaglide Pleated Cellular Blinds (also known as honeycomb blinds) have become synonymous with style and quality. Ideal for clients because they have the ability to diffuse or block our light for the perfect ambience and privacy however, there are more benefits than meets the eye.

Wide Range of Colour Fabric

With over 20 options of on-trend colours, our pleated blinds offer unrivalled style. Each fabric is doubled to form a ‘honeycomb’ structure which helps diffuse incoming light. Fabrics can be dimmout or blackout allowing varying levels of illumination dependent on your client’s choice.

Blackout Options

Offering total blackout allows your client to have a peaceful nights sleep – even in the middle of the day! We have 8 different options available.  

Saving Your Clients Money & Energy

The honeycomb structure which is ingeniously designed creates pockets of air to help insulate window spaces – trapping the heat indoors when it’s colder outside. Conversely, in the summer, the honeycomb structure prevents outside heat from entering into your client’s home. This system helps to lower energy consumption and ultimately may have a positive financial impact on your clients’ bills.

Added Sound Insulation

It can often be overlooked, but any window dressing will add a small barrier to ambient noise outside. The Evaglide Pleated Cellular Blind is of course no expectation. This stunning compact blind can act as an effective barrier to supressing unwanted background noise to create a perfect, peaceful home.

Evaglide Pleated Cellular Blinds offer versatility and affordability with options to be corded, spring-loaded or fully motorised with smarthome integration.

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