NUANCE Roman Blinds by Evans 1:1 & 1:4

Introducing our NEW 1:1 Fast Lift & 1:4 Heavy Lift Control Units

Introducing our new breakaway control units!

BSXL Premier 1:1 Fast Lift (3.5kg)
BSXL Premier 1:4 Heavy Lift (10kg)

1:4 ratio is currently available on our Made to Measure service, with the same high quality product and service as usual.   The 1:1 ratio control unit on made to measure and set sizes will be available from the 3rd July 2017 and will offer the same high standards that you have come to expect from Evans.

Now with our breakaway control units you have come to know and love.

  • Available in 1:1 Fast Lift & 1:4 Heavy Lift.
  • Click ‘n’ Lock premium cord roll supports.
  • Plastic chain replaced with 100cm chrome metal chain.
  • No more wall mounted safety boxes and chain breakers.
  • Chain now moved to end of control, now has no gap between chain control and wall.

All this extra and affordably priced.