Evaglide Motorised Pole Curtain Track System


  • Available as either mains or battery operated
  • The motor has a weight load capacity of up to 50kgs
  • Integrated power adaptor and only needs a mains cable
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The Evaglide Motorised Pole Curtain Track System is an electric pole curtain track available as mains or battery operated. It has a silent curtain track motor that can hold up to 50kg and works on touch impulse technology. It is also compatible with the Evaglide Hub.

  • The RF multi receiver is integrated within the motor itself allowing for a clean look and seamlessly works with our Evaglide track motors for optimum performance
  • The upgraded motor speed allows for speeds of up to 20cms/per second
  • Touch impulse technology allow the curtain to be gently pilled to activate movement
  • Integrated emergency control ensures manuael operation should power failure occur
  • Different module modes can be attached for various options – radio frequency, switch, infared, domotics, building automation, serical communication, z-wave
  • Integration with the Evaglide Hub to work with other Evaglide motorised products
  • Silent motor
  • Full automatic setting of limits
  • Touch Impulse sensitivity adjustable to 2 positions
  • 24 volt DC Power input using 110-240 volt ac adaptor (integrated) and bracket
  • Motor pulley connects motor and Evaglide track
  • Wide range of brackets available
  • Torque 1.2Nm


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