Curtain Linings

We’re the people behind a great choice of curtain linings to meet your customers’ demands

Download a copy of the Curtain Linings PDF here.

Our extensive range of curtain linings has been designed to offer you the perfect choice, whatever the demands of your customer.

Whether you need the highest quality, have a budget to stick to, or a mixture of both, we have linings to cater for every need. The majority of our curtain linings feature superb crease resistance and light fastness and through our CS1 range, we offer all the colours of the rainbow to perfectly complement any style of face fabric.

Other highlights of the range include DB1, quite simply the best curtain lining available and Evaprufe, the perfect combination of quality and competitive price.

• Extensive range
• The right linings for every budget
• Consistent quality
• Competitive prices

  • 01. DB1 Gold – Enhanced Finish Exclusive to Evans - Quite simply the finish, the handle and performance of the DB1 Gold cannot be surpassed. DB1 Gold has all the benefits of the standard DB1 plus a new Soil Resistant Finish, Increased Weight to 205gsm and a Fuller Schreinered Finish. Enhancements that make DB1 Gold, in our opinion, the best UK lining available today. Available […]

  • 02. DB1 – Exclusive to Evans - DB1 is the lining of the future. The composition, construction and finish has been designed to make a fuller, more elegantly flowing drape by enhancing the sheen, reducing the creasing and increasing the width. The DB1 lining is now 200gsm in weight as part of our continuing improvement process. Available in Ivory, Cream, White and […]

  • 03. Evapure - The most substantial of the cotton sateen range. Evapure guarantees the professional a lining which will protect the most expensive face fabrics from dust and UV deterioration. Available with a crease resist finish to enhance the final drape or a standard finish to provide extra fullness. Available in Ivory and Cream.

  • 04. Roman Blind Lining - Developed with an enhanced finish designed to offer a firmer finish for Roman blinds. Roman Lining will retain the fold and pleat of the blind ensuring an even performance when raising or lowering the blind. Available in Ivory, Cream and White.

  • 05. Evaprufe - A new UK finished 100% Cotton Sateen offering maximum light fastness, an excellent finish and competitive prices. Availble in Ivory, Cream, White and Stone.

  • 06. DB2 Luxury Imported Satin - An imported version of our exclusive DB1 offering excellent crease resist properties, light fastness and an improved Schreinered finish compared to other imported linings. Available in Ivory and Cream in 54″/137cms and Ivory in 108″/275cms.

  • 07. CS1 Coloured Sateen - 100% Cotton, UK Produced, Maximum light fastness coloured sateen lining. Available in a range of colours, for full details, please download the Linings PDF. For CS1 FR, click here.