Quality Downproofs with history

In 1953, the coronation was marked by Sir Edmund Hilary’s Conquest of Everest. The expedition required sleeping bag fabric with the highest specification known at the time and Platt Haworth downproof was selected.

Later in 1967 the company’s exports to Canada gained royal recognition and the scene was set for further export growth.

Today Evans are proud to incorporate the Platt Haworth brand in their collection, and continue to maintain “Quality without Compromise”.

Why buy shop our Heritage collection?

  • 100% combed cotton
  • High thread count cottons
  • Ideal Products for quality bespoke bedding
  • Soft on the skin
  • Lines to suit all types of quality fillings


100% Cotton - super lightweight for the finest goose down threads per inch

Width 225cm

Product code: 83225/OPTIC

Width 225cm

Product code: 83225/EGG

Width 225cm

Product code: 83225/CREAM


100% Cotton - for down and finer fillings
280 threads per inch

Width 225cm

Product code: 63225/OPTIC

Width 225cm

Product code: 63225/EGG

Width 225cm

Product code: 63225/CREAM


100% cotton - our most popular downproof all filling and can also be used for sheeting
235 threads per inch

Width 225cm

Product code: 43225/OPTIC

Width 225cm

Product code: 43225/EGG

Width 225cm

Product Code 43225/CREAM



100% Cotton - for cushions, mattresses and 162cm white upholstery
185 gsm

Width 162cm

Product code: 40162/OPTIC