Evans’ Evaglide curtains tracks offer the perfect combination of strength, quality and affordability, rivalling (if not beating) other manufacturers’ products, often at a much lower price.

We have a great range of hand drawn, corded and motorised curtain tracks. Every product has been designed to be low maintenance and easy to fit. 

Our service provides made to order curtain tracks, with the focus very much on engineering. If you’re looking for a smooth operator with excellent bendability that fits the tightest corners, our extensive range has everything you’ll need.

  • Engineered quality that ensures compatibility with Flex, Wave and Fold
  • Superior bendability - reverse bending and continuous curving
  • Continuous smooth running, glides effortlessly
  • Easy to fit
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong enough to hold curtains of any weight

Hand drawn curtain tracks

Corded Curtain Tracks

Motorised curtain tracks

Evaglide Motorised Electric Curtain Track

Evaglide Motorised Electric Curtain Track

Track equipment, components and accessories

Bending & Curving Equipment

Track Components For Flex, Fold & Wave

Track Brackets

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