Blackout & Thermal Linings

We’re the people behind a better night’s sleep

Download a copy of the Blackout and Thermal Linings PDF here.

There was a time when blackout linings were sold only to keep sunlight out, but there is now a range of great reasons you should be recommending them to your customers.

Evans blackout linings are designed to not only provide total darkness, but also offer excellent sound insulation, energy saving and thermal properties.

Keeping sunlight out of bedrooms is great for customers with young children who have trouble sleeping during the summer, or for people who work nightshifts and need to sleep during the day. We live in an increasingly noisy world, so the sound insulation properties of blackout linings brings your customers peace and tranquillity. And with people’s growing awareness of the environment, upgrading to a lining that provides energy saving and thermal properties is well worth considering.

 • 100% blackout
• Sound insulation properties
• Energy saving and thermal properties
• Washable and dry cleanable
• Protects fabrics and furnishings from fading

  • 01. Thermal Lining - Offering energy saving Thermal properties and protection for face fabrics, this soft-drape lining is now a genuine alternative to the traditional cotton sateen. Available in Ivory.

  • 07. Coloured Evasuede Blackout Fabric - An option for an all-in-one blackout suede drape or simply a quality coloured blackout lining. Available in a range of colours, for full details, please download the Blackout and Thermal Linings PDF. For Evasuede FR, click here.

  • 04. DB4 Silk Blackout - DB4 Silk 3 Pass Blackout – Coloured face and coloured back. Available in Cream and White. For FR Blackouts, click here.

  • 06. Twilight Woven Dimout - Woven Dimout/Blackout – Supersoft 100% Polyester. Use As either a lining or an interlining to reduce pin holes on Romans and curtains. Various colours available. View the Blackout and Thermal Linings PDF her to view.