BBSA Make It Safe Campaign

Over the past years the media has reported tragic accidents caused by the cords and chains used in Internal Blinds. The industry and lobby groups have responded to these concerns and collectively proposed changes enshrined in new safety standards by incorporating EN 16433 and EN 16434, which are new test methods, into the Internal Blinds Safety Standard EN 13120. It is probable that these changes will be enforced by the end of the year.

The changes are designed to protect children from the dangers of strangulation in the cords/chains of blinds and corded tracks or poles. More informative and safety lead packaging and labelling must accompany every product sold into the market, we aim to provide these with every product we sell whilst giving advice at order stage if needed.

Evans are members of the BBSA campaign and are working quickly to ensure all products we supply comply with the new standards before the update is introduced. We are currently testing our existing child safety products and some new products that will hopefully enable you to manufacture blinds and tracks with as little disruption from your current methods as possible.

Both our internal and external sales teams are being trained to offer advice to our customers so you are able to supply compliant products. Evans are also planning to provide free seminars around the country in association with online forums and trade groups to advise our customers on every aspect of the new standards.

If you would like any information prior to then please contact either myself or Paul Williams on 0616 274 4147, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Carl Bennett
Sales Director