At Evans Textiles, we’ve built our reputation on high quality products that our customers can rely on.

Based in the historic city of Manchester, which was once considered the epicentre of the UK’s cotton industry, Evans Textiles has a rich history spanning over 100 years of producing beautiful, high quality durable fabrics.

Nowadays, we’re renowned throughout the industry for not only our quality products but our high levels of customer service and market leading innovations. We continually develop our fabrics, designs and technology to push the boundaries and ensure the very best standards for our customers and their clients.

We’ve invested in new core products to maintain your costs and offer value solutions to your clients. We’ve built a strong network of agents around the UK that understand your business needs. We control our UK production and supply which is unique – that’s why so many of our products enable us to offer the highest quality at competitive prices. 

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of customers achieve their goals and grow their businesses. Make sure you join the conversation and never miss an offer, guidance or the latest news by joining us on:

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